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Rich BW


Richard Lindsay

My role


I am the director for the leisure & hospitality practice at NSCG. I’m connected to, and working with, many of the UK’s large and small hospitality brands, sharing my network of high-value interims and independent consultants to support the endeavour of change and transformation.

About me heading

Rich BW Rich BW

“In the talented future... independent consultancy will become a preferred recourse for many leisure and hospitality organisations seeking to equip themselves with the right expertise in short bursts, at the right time and at the right cost in order to remain agile in this ever-evolving sector.”

I have worked extensively in the UK’s interim consulting market since 2003, supporting consumer, retail and hospitality brands in navigating the complexity of executive skill gaps and programme leadership across operational, financial, human, brand and strategic change. Based in London, yet representing the wider UK and international landscape, I am fortunate to be both well connected and highly experienced in marrying business challenges with solutions.

Undoubtedly it is the satisfying ability to bring realisation to the vision and ambition of my clients through understanding the challenge, identifying the right solution and delivering game-changing outcomes that both exceed the expectations of the client and materially make that business so much better.

The second love of the job is the people I get to meet and work alongside. Whether it be operations, marketing, HR, finance or chief execs, I am surrounded by great people that are just as engaged with the sector as I am, and just as evangelical about making it the best it can be.

My favourite pastimes

  • My three favourite pastimes of enjoying wine, food and travel compliment nicely what I do for a living.
  • Whilst I’m no expert, I love good wine and love travelling to lots of different restaurants both here and abroad to try different foods, wines and visit many other wonderful places around the world.
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