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Scott Hutchinson

My role

Principal consultant - education

My role is to enable leaders in the Higher and Further Education sectors to experience improved results and greater control over their constantly changing environments.

We work with Universities, Business Schools, Colleges and organisations related to Higher Education, bringing highly talented leaders who will solve their problems and explore future opportunities.

Our network includes some of the most experienced individuals in the sector who can bring their skills in leadership, change, transformation, business improvement, data management and compliance across all operational levels.

About me heading

Scott Hutchinson Scott Hutchinson

“In the talented future... collaboration will be key. The sharing of game-changing insights and ideas, generated by highly experienced agile teams and individuals will become the norm. Every problem can be solved by a human solution and every opportunity can be explored, every goal achieved.”

I have over twenty-five years consultancy experience advising on recruitment, talent management and leadership globally across several sectors, including public sector, professional services, banking, technology, oil and FMCG/Consumer.

I am one of the pioneers of Interim Management in the UK Consumer sector – acknowledged by the IMM as one of the most “reputation led” providers across all markets.

I have worked as a trustee on numerous not for profit charities and recently spent six months deployed on the UK Government’s response to Covid-19. Whatever problems or opportunities you are facing, I am certain I will know someone who can help!

I am a big fan of the “a-ha” moment, when clients realise that another world is possible and the talent we deploy will enable them to solve their problems and achieve their goals.