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Duncan BW


Duncan Shaw

My role

Group Financial Controller

I am responsible for running the group’s finance function, whether that’s invoicing clients, paying our contractors, suppliers and our employees, producing our monthly and annual accounts, providing detailed financial information to all areas of the business in order to support key business decisions, maintaining the relationships with our banking and audit partners or simply maintaining and applying the financial controls critical to the running a successful business.

About me heading

Duncan BW Duncan BW

18 years and counting working in finance functions, and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. 

Having graduated from Kings College, Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences (specialising in genetics), I spent 7 years working for a Leeds-based financial services group of companies, before joining a global telecoms business listed on the New York NASDAQ stock exchange doing a series of highly technical accounting reporting roles for five years, and then a further five years at a UK listed supermarket chain in a variety of technical, commercial and operational accounting roles before joining NSCG in August 2020.

Finance is far more than just counting cash, paying people, and reporting numbers at the end of a month.  Arguably it’s key function is to support the business with accurate, timely and relevant information so that the group has everything it needs to make the best possible business decisions and enhance our relationships with external parties. To this end, since joining the finance function, we have re-shaped our internal finance processes in order to better serve the business, but at the same time improve our controls environment to better protect the company and its clients, contractors, suppliers and employees.