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Colin Mercer

My role


I run the talent consulting business, where we work with client organisations to identify, assess, develop and coach their people. I operate primarily in the professional services, financial services, manufacturing and private equity sectors, working with executive teams and main boards to enhance their effectiveness. Linked to this, I often assess management teams as part of pre-acquisition due diligence projects. Internally, I sit on the board at NSCG.

About me heading

Colin Mercer Colin Mercer

“In the talented future... we will have greater choice in how we all engage with organisations, and the nature of those relationships. To drive performance, organisations will need to connect with people on an emotional level, building alignment behind a common purpose and unleashing the passion.”

I have over 25 years’ consulting experience and have been privileged to work with, and learn from, a fantastic organisational client base. I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree (with distinction) in occupational psychology. I am a chartered psychologist and fully qualified in psychometrics. I have bought, built and sold a business. As a leader I therefore understand the excitement, the challenges, the responsibility and sometimes the loneliness that leadership entails.

Ultimately, I enjoy helping people. Strangely, and perhaps ironically given my line of work, I only have realised this in the last couple of years. Prior to that I would have described ‘building the business’ as my favourite part of the job.

My favourite pastimes

  • I am a keen angler. I love the problem-solving aspects – the need to adapt to continually changing conditions. I don’t relax easily and therefore like a hobby that absorbs me.
  • Cricket. I used to be a football fan, following my team home and away. But I lost faith in the modern game and turned to watching cricket instead. Any standard will do – village, county or international.
  • As a kid I dug up an old bottle. It was a rare one (“Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure”). This sparked a life-long interest in history and antiques, that I hope to return to before the end of my days.
Family Cricket 2