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Stuart BW


Stuart O'Reilly

My role


I am a director responsible for delivering our talent consulting services. These are primarily leadership assessment and leadership development, including executive coaching and team development.

About me heading

Stuart BW Stuart BW

“In the talented future... technology, data, better organisational process and greater self-awareness in individuals will drive higher quality decisions.”

I have been involved in delivering talent consulting services for over 15 years with two different consultancies. In this time, I have worked with a wide number of businesses ranging from organisations with less than twenty people to global, listed businesses. One great benefit of working with such a variety of organisations is that the assignments have taken me to many countries. Prior to consulting, I worked for a large retailer at a time of enormous expansion and before this spent ten years working for an airline. I've had a variety of roles in the HR function of the airline but also spent time in engineering. My key set of expertise is drawn from occupational psychology.

I get to see different organisations and understand how they work, what they are good at and their challenges. I have also worked with many of my clients for a long time, so it is fascinating to see how organisations evolve over time and how leaders shape them. Of course, organisations are made up of people and I really enjoy working with the diverse set of people that my work brings me into contact with. Much of our delivery to clients is through teams of consultants and support staff and it is always wonderful to see a team performing well.

Charted psychologist with a certificate in performance coaching.

My favourite pastimes

  • Walking in the Scottish hills
  • Running
  • I read a lot – novels, history or politics depending on how I feel.
Travelling Scotland
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