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Why choose us

Expertise to help you navigate the future world of work

Our focus is on client outcomes and fulfilling potential

We’re a business that is embracing tomorrow’s agile world of work. We believe in a talented future where untapped potential is unlocked – and leaders and executives are empowered to rise to every challenge that they face. 

We focus on better outcomes 

When we partner our clients, we don’t see our role as the provider of a service. We’re here to partner with you to help you get the outcome you want. We work closely with clients to visualise, and then define what success looks like – before building the right solution. It’s an approach that pays dividends, in stronger more capable leaders, higher-performing teams, upskilled, agile workforces and organisational transformation.  

More reasons to choose us

A smarter way of thinking 

Our advice and solutions are evidence-based and data-driven – we harness diverse resources and methods to create the blueprint for your talent solution. Our specialists draw on a wealth of talent and market intelligence to inform our thinking. We also apply the latest behavioural science techniques to add rigour to our assessments and predictions. This combination of precision and insight maximises the chance of getting the best outcome. 

Decades of experience to draw on 

New Street Consulting Group has been in the talent business for over 40 years. Between them, our team has hundreds of years of experience – with many holding leadership roles before they made the career change to consulting. These subject matter experts have in-depth knowledge of their professions and industry sectors – and an intuitive understanding of the challenges employers face.

A network that never stops growing

Through the years, we’ve built an incredible known universe of contacts, candidates and interims – the CVs of these leaders and specialists are truly something special. We’re adding to our talent pool all the time, including many executives who can expertly help with the problems and challenges businesses face today with direct experience of business transformation and digital disruption. 

A track record you can trust

The best endorsement of our services and the value we deliver comes from our clients, candidates and interims.  

Statistics from our latest client feedback survey: 

  • 96% of our clients say they would recommend, or highly recommend us  
  • 95% of candidates placed are still in permanent roles after one year  
  • 98% of our clients say our assessments deliver a return on investment  
  • 95% candidate satisfaction over the last five years  
  • 96% senior interim assignment completion rate 

Industry credentials

We’re listed as one of the top three UK providers for interim management by The Institute of Interim Management in 2020. 

Ready to realise tomorrow's potential, today?

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