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Digital transformation

Embracing digital disruption for competitor advantage

The pace of digital, AI and automation is accelerating. Digital transformation is an imperative for all organisations in every sector. At New Street Consulting Group, we can support your leadership team in making digital transformation a reality – by providing the capability and the expert talent you need to deliver transformation goals faster and more cost-effectively.   

Digital transformation projects are complex and touch every corner of your organisation. They require knowledge of complex management methodologies and often working knowledge of complex software packages and hardware systems. 

We work closely with our clients to supply interim digital transformation management professionals with the right experience to deliver exceptional results. 

How we help

Leadership consultancy: We look at the big picture of digital transformation – our specialists partner your team in creating the roadmap for transformation and determining, no more, no less, the leadership capabilities required to reach your goals.  

Digital leaders’ assessment: We apply talent intel, performance data and behavioural science to assess key leaders for their potential to deliver transformation in your unique business environment (including the CEO and CIO/CTO). 

Interim leaders: Equipped with an in-depth understanding of your leadership needs, we deploy highly-experienced interims to lead on transformation or support incumbent leaders. 

Leadership development: We provide tailored support, mentoring and development to build the capabilities of incumbent employees. 

Executive search: Where the business strategy calls for a permanent hire/s, we apply rigorous assessment techniques to place high-calibre leaders in your business.

How you benefit

  • De-risk digital transformation planning and strategy 
  • Clear focus on improving the outcomes of transformation 
  • Faster achievement of transformation milestones 
  • Strengthen current digital/tech leadership capabilities 
  • Stronger return on digital programme investments via our own Return on Interim® methodology 

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Together, our consultants, specialists, interims and candidates bring a depth of industry expertise gained through first-hand experience in every major sector of the UK economy.

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