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Diversity & inclusion

Unlock the true value of diversity & inclusion

We’re here to help your organisation gain an edge through the benefits a diverse and inclusive workforce brings.

Businesses succeed when they give everyone the chance to shine, and gender, cognitive and neuro diversity is collaborating on a new level. Boards perform when there is a diversity of thinking around the table, as well as a diversity of backgrounds.

We help businesses reap the benefits from unlocking the potential of diversity and inclusion: better, more informed decision making, customer centricity and on-going innovation.

Read our report on the FCA’s regulatory lens on diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector.

The benefits of diverse talent & inclusive workplaces

  • Mitigates risk of group think and boardroom echo chambers
  • Strengthens c-suite decision making
  • Gives businesses a better understanding of their customers
  • Creates a more open environment for innovation and new ideas
  • Reduces discrimination, misconduct and unethical behaviour

How we can help

  • Consulting solutions to increase diversity & cognitive diversity in the boardroom
  • Talent strategy to boosting diversity in leadership succession pipelines
  • Consultancy on how to remove bias from hiring and assessment practices
  • Identifying and helping you deploy strategies to develop talent from under-represented groups
  • Coaching and development for high potentials
  • Strategies for fostering inclusive workplaces and building diversity networks

Talented futures

Explore the ways we are fostering the next generation of talent. In collaboration with our charity partner, Resurgo and The Spear Programme, read its report on recruiting and retaining diverse young talent.

Get ready for IR35

With changes to the IR35 legislation hitting the private sector in April 2021, now is the time to ensure you're fully prepared so that the changes are implemented smoothly. Learn more about our IR35 compliance managed service for businesses engaging volume contractors and service providers.

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Together, our consultants, specialists, interims and candidates bring a depth of industry expertise gained through first-hand experience in every major sector of the UK economy.


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