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Tech transformation in private equity

Driving fast, successful digital transformation for portfolio companies

Technology can be a minefield for private equity houses. Our tech transformation in private equity offering equips you to maximise the performance of any investment impacted significantly by technology. Before the deal is done, it’s easy to make expensive mistakes through misjudging risk or failing to identify the full possibilities in digital transformation. The problem is compounded by the challenge of ascertaining whether incumbent leaders are up to the challenge of driving transformation.

During value creation, PE houses often must watch their portfolio companies struggle to deliver transformation at the required pace – and with the expected benefits. The exit date can be delayed, with the final return falling below expectations.

A holistic, integrated solution

Our solution is an innovative blend of interim leadership and management consultancy, that provides a more flexible, tailored and cost-efficient alternative to conventional consultancy. You can access services at any, or every, stage of the deal lifecycle, benefiting from speed, agility and a stronger return on your investment.  

Why engage us for technology transformation?

  • Expert, objective analysis of tech-related risks and opportunities with a PE deal
  • Swift due diligence assessment process where speed is of the essence 
  • Understand if incumbent leaders have the capabilities to drive transformation 
  • Formulate a successful technology strategy and roadmap 
  • Ensure the right team is in place to deliver 
  • Support portfolio company leaders in delivering transformation 
  • Accelerate and maximise value creation  
  • Speed time to exit and improve final deal performance. 

Talent for Technology Performance: a unique solution in action


Our involvement can begin before a deal is even identified. We can connect you with relevant talent and contacts and procure market knowledge for deal identification and sector appraisal.  

Due diligence 

Technology due diligence is a specialist skill. As former CIOs/CTOs, our specialist consultants have both the technical knowledge and commercial nous to undertake this difficult task. We assess the current technology landscape, team, processes, projects and strategy – with our sophisticated assessment techniques applied to incumbent leaders.  

From this you get a comprehensive analysis of the risks and opportunities related to technology and digital transformation. This includes an in-depth, objective assessment of the incumbent leaders’ potential to deliver value-creating transformation to the deadlines in your strategy. 

Deal execution  

Once a deal is done, we can deploy a lead consultant in an interim CIO/CTO role if there are gaps in the incumbent leadership. The consultant will formulate a robust tech strategy and technology road map – including the mission-critical task of technology partner selection.  

At the same time, they will create the ‘talent blueprint’ for digital transformation – using individual and team assessment data to identify the additional skills required and the best organisational structure to deliver. They can then build this team by mobilising a mix of permanent and interim talent – with the support of our interim management and/or executive search consultants.  

Value creation

The outcomes of digital transformation have a huge influence on portfolio value creation. You can engage our consultants/interims to support, and work alongside, incumbents to deliver the whole change programme. Having devised the roadmap, they are ideally placed to follow it.    

Alternatively, you can retain the interim CIO/CTO for a set time period to begin the implementation, before your in-house team take full ownership. You also have the option of engaging our consultants in an advisory capacity – continuing to benefit from their expertise without the financial commitment of a full interim deployment.  

In addition, we can build the capacity and capabilities of the incumbent team through executive coaching and leadership development – providing targeted support to CEOs, CFOs and/or CIO/CTOs. This investment in coaching can have a massive pay off when the exit deal is completed. Looking longer term, we can also apply our leadership consultancy expertise to strengthen succession planning within the business.  

Finally, we will dig deeper to unlock the possibilities in digital. Data is often an untapped resource just waiting to be accessed and exploited. Our specialist consultants can help the portfolio company unlock the potential value in the data it holds.

Exit readiness

When the exit point is approaching, we can make the portfolio company a more attractive proposition by evidencing the strength of the portfolio company management team through our benchmarking expertise. We can also take care of the sell-side due diligence to ensure your exit delivers on expectations. 

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