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Interim board & CEO

Higher performing interim & perm c-suite executives

Having the right people in board and leadership roles is critical to driving your business forward. Without high-calibre leadership, your organisation can stagnate. But, with the right top team, it can flourish.

We provide a range of complementary leadership consulting, assessment and development services to find and create tomorrow’s CEOs to lead your business. We specialise in executive search and interim management advisory for CEO or board member permanent and interim appointments.

At New Street Consulting Group, we’ve placed over 4,000 senior executives into perm and interim CEO positions at some of the world’s leading organisations – harnessing their experience and cross-functional expertise from roles including the c-suite, non-exec directorship and the board.

Building an effective board

For a board to be the most effective it can be, it’s important to have diversity of thought around the table. We believe that effective leadership comes from a board representing a wide range of experiences and knowledge – both from within and outside the sector the business operates in.

It’s not just a matter of ticking boxes, however. While a board might look good on paper, it isn’t guaranteed to provide good governance. But this is where an interim CEO or board member can prove a wise appointment.

For some clients, however, the right short-term appointment can be an interim NED. With these individuals, your business can benefit from expertise and knowledge in several situations – from addressing specific shortfalls to effectively delivering new strategies or implementing processes.

Why consider an interim board or CEO? The key benefits

With proper long-term succession planning in place, a business can prepare for the departure of senior figures – whether expected or out of the blue. But a report by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) revealed that a quarter of US public companies and an even greater share of private counterparts haven’t identified an interim CEO in case of an emergency.

This situation isn’t unique to US businesses; UK organisations have the same considerations too – and interim arrangements should be at the heart of any long-term planning. An interim board member or CEO means there is a senior leadership figure in place at a key point in time.

It’s an invaluable role to drive businesses forward or prevent disruption if the circumstances require:

  • Major strategic change, mergers or acquisitions
  • A sudden resignation, retirement or death
  • Cover for long-term leave, illness or maternity
  • A fresh approach or new direction is needed

We will work closely with you to identify the requirements for any CEO or board member positions you may have – before matching the culture of your organisation and the challenge at hand to the most suitable individual available.

CEOs & board - finding the right fit

Interim CEO

An interim CEO can be an effective way to manage large scale change from the top down of an organisation. They’ll have broad organisational knowledge, but also exhibit solid expertise within a specific functional area – such as acquisitions or restructuring.

We will help you to find the right individual who is best placed for interim CEO work with your business. These figures will be able to help you navigate through a stressful or challenging time, a crisis or the sudden departure of a previous CEO.

Supplementary board-level expertise

Non-executive director

Good governance requires an effective board. But sometimes gaps can emerge for multiple reasons and that can leave an organisation lacking crucial strategic expertise and insight. But appointing an interim board member can ensure a seamless transition in such times.

Interim Partners at NSCG will work with you to identify the requirements for any prospective interim board member role. Our discussions with you let us then match the right non-executive director (NED) to your organisation and make sure there are no disruptions in leadership.

Interim CEOs – experts when you need them

The main role of an interim CEO or board member is to ensure your organisation is equipped to continue operating without disruption. This can form part of a long-term succession strategy – providing that ongoing leadership and strategic thinking until a new permanent appointment is found. But there are also times when interim CEO roles arise in times of turmoil and crisis.

In such cases, the interim CEO and/or board member(s) can come in and steer an organisation through challenging circumstances. The day-to-day operations are typically left to internal staff, however, so that an experienced interim executive board has the freedom to manage any crisis.

For some organisations, times of crisis require an interim CEO to maintain the status quo. But this isn’t always the case. Some of our clients come to us looking to recruit interim CEO positions at times of change. From restructuring and mergers to simply moving in a new direction, the experience these senior figures can bring in the short-term can be vital.

Our interim board members are outcome-oriented individuals who work at pace. They’ll quickly add value and take full responsibility for business-critical issues at the very top of organisations, irrespective of size or sector. We work closely with our clients to source the right interim, time and again. If you have an interim CEO or board member role to fill, find out how we can help.

Executive search & selection – CEOs & board

Our executive search service delivers retained executive-level assignments both internationally and domestically, centring on the recruitment of CEOs, MDs and general managers along with other senior leadership professionals.

Across assignments, we provide up-to-date marketplace insight, making clear recommendations on when to recruit within niche sectors and when to bring in fresh skills and perspective from outside.

Our high-quality, holistic service combines the capability of our highly experienced executive recruitment consultants with in-depth psychometric/personality assessments delivered by qualified occupational psychologists.

“The discussions with Wickland Westcott at New Street Consulting Group were thought provoking and showed a real desire to engage with the Diageo board in a way which we believed would help us to improve. The results from its evaluation of our board and the recommendations given did not disappoint.”


Who we help?

FTSE250 and medium-sized enterprises

Continuity of leadership isn’t the only pressure point for businesses, disruptive technology, changing loyalty and demands of customers, regulatory compliance and the urgency to transform, requires organisations to employ strong, capable leadership, an agile workforce, and specialist skills to keep up with the pace of change within their sector, but still aligning with a unique business identity.


While many start-up organisations aspire to major success in the long run, not all are equipped to deal with it. By bringing in an interim CEO or board member, fledgling organisations can feel the benefit of a hugely skilled individual who can facilitate growth. Interim board members may also enhance the external credibility of a start-up to open new partnerships.

Global corporations

For established corporations with a global reach, an interim CEO is well-placed to come in with a fresh pair of eyes – especially in times of crisis. Equifax, Twitter and Intel are some examples of major brands turning to interim CEOs and NEDs in recent years. From potential M&As to sudden departures of top-level team members, interim c-suite appointments can offer major benefits.

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