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Interim Commercial Director & Manager Positions

High-calibre leaders to drive growth & performance

Commercial directors and managers engaged on an interim or perm basis can help businesses transform existing products and services and grow at opportune moments. Interim commercial directors are also ideally placed to bring brand-new products to life – making sure they’re commercially viable, ready for the market and launched successfully.

At New Street Consulting Group, we’ve placed perm and interim commercial directors at some of the world’s leading organisations. Why not find out if your business could also benefit from our expertise?

Why consider an interim commercial director?

If your business has a great new idea or proposition, you might need extra help with getting your products and services to market. Interim commercial directors are expertly placed to bring that.

Sector-specific commercial directors and managers can leverage their vast industry knowledge to execute effective commercial strategies within the same sector. Even commercial directors or managers who come with differing industry backgrounds can bring commercial expertise to a new sector – creating effective strategies that offer a fresh ‘outsider’ perspective.

Typical interim commercial assignments

  • Interim commercial director
  • Interim commercial manager
  • Interim commercial finance director

Key benefits of interim commercial directors

Without an effective board, businesses often struggle with its governance and leadership. As part of long-term succession plans or for crisis situations, interim appointments bring vital perspective and effective management.

With an interim commercial director, CEO or otherwise, you get a non-executive director (NED) in place at key points in time – filling any gaps in strategic expertise and insight.

Interim Partners at NSCG works with its clients to identify what requirements you have for a board member. With our proven track record, we can then match the ideal interim based on your culture and the challenge at hand.

Interim commercial directors: business-critical expertise

By appointing an interim commercial director or manager, a business can harness the top-level skills and expertise of someone who leads across all commercial considerations. From knowing what existing customers want to exploring how best to target new ones, it is the cross-industry or sector-specific knowledge of an interim commercial director who can help chart your course.

An interim commercial director can build the business-critical relationships to drive growth and sustain existing success. By offering top-level leadership in the short-term, interim commercial director roles establish a unified approach – bringing together every team and department that are integral to your commercial prospects in a rapidly evolving and sometimes volatile market.

How an interim commercial director can work for you 

More businesses and organisations across multiple sectors are turning to interim appointments to achieve their commercial objectives. With the various disciplines that’ll contribute to growth, we can identify an interim commercial director that works for you.

From creating and putting in place commercial strategies to maintaining core partnerships both inside and outside your business, the scope of an interim commercial director can be as varied as you need it to be – bringing with them proven experience of doing so in previous positions.

Typical attributes of an interim commercial director that your business can benefit from include analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities and strong interpersonal skills to communicate any complex ideas that you want to get across, as well as a calmness under often intense pressure.

Executive search & selection – commercial directors

Our extensive candidate network means we're well placed to find high-calibre senior commercial candidates when you're looking to recruit a permanent executive. Our executive search service delivers retained executive-level assignments both internationally and domestically, centring on the recruitment of CEOs, MDs, c-suite appointments and general managers along with other senior leadership professionals.

Across assignments, we provide up-to-date marketplace insight, making clear recommendations on when to recruit within niche sectors and when to bring in fresh skills and perspective from outside.

Our high-quality, holistic service combines the capability of our highly experienced executive recruitment consultants with in-depth psychometric/personality assessments delivered by qualified occupational psychologists. Our search and selection methodology will ensure a cultural fit and alignment to values and organisational purpose, which is particularly important at a senior level.

Who we help?

FTSE250 and medium-sized enterprises:

Continuity of leadership isn’t the only pressure point for businesses. Disruptive technology, changing loyalty and demands of customers, regulatory compliance and the urgency to transform requires organisations to employ strong, capable leadership, an agile workforce, and specialist skills to keep up with the pace of change within their sector, but still aligning with a unique business identity.


For many start-ups, operations are on a small scale and multiple business functions are performed by a limited number of staff. It can be easy, as a result, to lose sight of the overall commercial aims. By appointing an interim commercial director, your start-up can relieve critical personnel of the burden of broader commercial strategies to concentrate on key areas of specialisms.

Global corporations:

Global corporations aren’t immune from the prospect of commercial failure. It can be the result of changing customer needs or poor product development. Microsoft’s Zune, Sony Betamax or New Coke are some examples of how even the biggest brands can get it wrong commercially – and an example of where the appointment of an interim commercial director can help.

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