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Private equity CEO, CFO & COO management solutions

Leadership & talent solutions for better business outcomes

We understand that strong financial performance is simply an output of good management and talented human capital. People are the key to making the right investments, to growing portfolio businesses – and to getting the best possible return at the exit date you desire. 

Often, we are tasked with replacing or energising the existing management team within a portfolio company or with helping an existing team prepare the business for sale. This has seen us identify and place strong leaders for the positions of CEO, CFO or COO. Increasingly, we are also being asked for access to our mentor, NED, advisory and CIO networks. 

Our expertise lies in connecting high-calibre interim talent to every stage of the investment lifecycle and offering intelligence-led solutions to enhance ROI. Whatever the challenge you face or objective you need to achieve, we can connect you with high-performing professionals who can enable success. 

Total talent performance in private equity

Total Talent Performance™ is our integrated offering with a single-minded focus – helping private equity businesses like yours enhance ROI through people. It integrates best-in-class services in assessment, leadership development, interim leadership and executive recruitment, to create robust, rounded, intelligence-led solutions. 
Why Total? Because we can deploy its services through the whole deal lifecycle. You can engage us from start to end – or just at the stages when you want value-creating support. Through an ongoing partnership, we can pre-empt your needs and plan strategically to deliver your goals, up to and including exit. 

And, we understand that strong financial performance is simply an output of good management and talented human capital. People are the key to making the right investments, to growing portfolio businesses – and to getting the best possible return at the exit date you desire. 

1. Origination 

Our core services come into their own once you’ve identified a target business. However, we can also assist with locating and appraising the right investment opportunities giving you access to our networks.

2. Due diligence  

When it’s time to look under the bonnet and conduct rapid review of capabilities, we provide true subject matter experts who know how to look beyond a balance sheet. We also undertake psychological/behavioural assessments of the senior management in the target company.  

Read our guide on how you can harness independent assessments in human capital due diligence to predict with precision if leadership can scale.

3. Deal execution

You need to know the right people are in place from the day of acquisition. We’ll deploy the right resources for your needs and our assessment-led process will fit seamlessly with your recruitment operation. 

Read our guide on hiring transformational, value extracting CFOs for PE.  


4. Value creation

High-performing leaders grow high-performing businesses. We deploy leadership development and team acceleration services to transform and build leaders’ capacity to boost profitability. Our psychological/behavioural assessment helps you understand managements’ motivations and optimise remuneration. When outside expertise is required, we have it at hand. Our network of management interims help you shape the transformation you want to see, so you’re not left reacting to the changes you face.  

Read our guide on how to optimise CEO performance in value creation. 

5. Exit strategy

We know most private equity houses are comfortable with handling the end game themselves. But if you do need some specialist support, we are confident we will have someone on our bench. 

Our integrated services at-a-glance  

  • Market insight: fast access to sector knowledge and expertise  
  • Assessment services: performance predicting insight into behavioural/ leadership capabilities  
  • Leadership development: practical, results-focused consultancy to strengthen performance 
  • Interim leadership: filling skills gaps, driving change and turnaround  
  • Executive search: the right people, in the right place at the right time  
  • Agile, fast deployment of talent: aligned resources across the investment lifecycle
  • Performance-assessed talent: deployed through our own unique ROI methodology 

“We partner with Wickland Westcott at NSCG extensively to help improve our decision-making for selecting management partners, the performance of portfolio teams and the delivery of our own recruitment process and training. They are a fun, innovative and highly talented group of consulting professionals and provide us with real insight and value add.”

Phoenix Equity Partners

Tech transformation in private equity

Our integrated talent solution for technology transformation provides a blend of interim leadership and management consultancy and a more flexible, tailored and cost-efficient alternative to conventional consultancy.

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Other services

  • Board effectiveness review 
  • Leadership assessment 
  • Executive coaching 
  • Succession planning 
  • Project recruitment 

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