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Agile Talent Solutions Agile Talent Solutions

Agile talent management solutions

Flexible and scalable resourcing as and when you need

Finding the right people isn’t always easy.

Whether you have an unexpected spike in demand, a large-scale project or a bespoke individual role, we can help.

Our complete agile resourcing offering gives you the ability to cost-effectively fill critical roles at speed.

With a deep and diverse pool of contract specialists, we can move quickly to get the right skills into your organisation at the right time.

We also know how to navigate the often complicated compliance and legislative landscape so you can be confident you’re in a safe pair of hands.


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Why choose us for agile talent management?

We’ll meet you where you are

Have a one-off short-term project? Or have an ongoing need to scale up and down your workforce? We can help. You can lean on us to find, assess, hire and engage anyone – from large-scale teams to a specialist expert.


We’ve got the size

Not so big you’re left feeling like a number. Not so small every move feels risky. The team you meet are the ones who’ll be by your side as we work together. And we’re only ever a phone call away.


We’re a safe pair of hands, but we’ll never play it safe

We’ve got decades of experience across sectors. It means whatever business or people problem you’re facing, we can handpick a team of experts to help. It gives us the confidence to challenge when we need to – never settling for the quick fix if there’s a better way or bigger problem to solve.


We’ve got the connections

We have a deep pool of skilled workers. They’re not just CVs in a database to us. We know who’s currently available, who’s engaged and who is taking some time out. When a brief comes up, we’re able to identify the right individuals with the right expertise. And with the right availability. We can get you the right team fast.

Solutions we provide…

We don’t do off-the-shelf solutions. Our range of solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs but can comprise of the following services:


  • Contract volume resourcing
    Demand for talent can scale up and down. Perhaps you’re experiencing non-forecasted demand or need to deliver a change programme or project. Our contract volume resourcing service allows you to match demand effectively with the right skills placed into your organisation at the right time. We can work with you on one-off projects or as an ongoing partner.
  • Permanent volume resourcing
    Let us do the heavy lifting by taking care of all, or part, of your end-to-end recruitment function. By tapping into our network we can source and screen to get you access to quality candidates quickly.
  • Project recruitment
    We work as an extension of your team to deliver workforce strategy as a one-off project. Perfect for situations where short-term expertise is required, for example, mergers, acquisitions or product launches.

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Lisa Smith

Team lead - Resourcing

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Hannah Sturdy

Resourcing consultant

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