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Interim transformation managers and CTOs

Digital transformation is shaping our new future 

COVID-19 has accelerated the disruption of many industries and many organisations are taking radical steps to advance faster towards digital transformation. The impact of the pandemic on life and work is driving the emergence of technology-enabled workforce models with online collaborative working and virtual interactions fast becoming the norm. 

As business models change, there’s also a shift in the services organisations are providing in response to the pandemic. Digital, automation and AI transformation is modernising culture, organisational structures, measurement systems and operating architectures. 

Make digital transformation a reality

Through an innovative blend of interim CIO/CTO leadership and management consultancy, our talent for digital transformation service provides the expertise and gravitas of highly experienced technology leaders. These proven achievers have the rare skillset required to plan, shape and deliver transformation – via a more flexible, cost-efficient model than conventional consultancy.  

Coupled with this expertise, we’re able to support the shaping of broader technology expertise, capability and team you require for successful execution and delivery. Our flexible talent solutions for programme management and digital transformation provide an agile, cost-effective alternative, and allow you to execute and achieve digital transformation faster. 

Rapid access to high-calibre professionals 

Due diligence/risk & opportunity assessment 

Technology is often the biggest complicating factor in the risk and opportunity assessment; the analysis required is outside the skill set of most board leaders and consultants. As former CIOs/CTOs, our specialist consultants step in to fill the gap, providing the hard-to-find combination of technical know how and corporate experience that is demanded by the task.      

We move fast to investigate the current technology landscape, team, processes, projects and strategy – with our rigorous assessment techniques applied to incumbent leadership. You get a two-fold benefit. First, a comprehensive analysis of the risks and opportunities related to technology and digital transformation. Second, an objective assessment of current leaders’ potential to deliver the full benefits of transformation within the timescales desired.    

Planning & strategy 

Planning a successful transformation is a multi-faceted challenge. We deploy a lead consultant with the expertise to formulate a robust tech strategy and technology road map – including the mission-critical task of technology partner selection.  

Concurrently, the lead consultant also creates the ‘talent blueprint’ for delivering transformation – using individual and team assessment data to identify the additional skills required and the best organisational structure to deliver. They then help build the right team by rapidly mobilising a mix of permanent and interim talent – in tandem with our interim management and/or executive search consultants. You get rapid access to high-calibre professionals, at a fraction of the cost of an outsourced solution.

Transformation delivery  

There are different ways our ongoing support can flex to achieve the best outcome from transformation. If the fit feels right, you can engage our consultants/interims to lead the entire end-to-end change programme. Having devised the roadmap, they are ideally placed to follow it.     

Another option is to rollover our assignment into the initial delivery phases. This is a smart way to establish a platform for success, before your in-house team take full ownership. Or, you can choose to engage consultants in an advisory capacity – continuing to benefit from their expertise without the financial commitment of a full interim deployment.

How we help you

Building sustainable in-house tech capabilities 

The long-term success of transformation depends on having the right skills in the permanent leadership team. Our executive search team can find fresh talent where the situation demands. The alternative is to build up your existing capabilities through executive coaching and leadership development. 

Our coaches equip CEOs and CFOs with a greater appreciation of how to lead in a digital-first world. The focus for CIOs/CTOs is building strategic leadership skills and an understanding of digital from a business perspective, not just a technical one. The return on investment from boosting your in-house capabilities is potentially huge. 

Data transformation 

We pride ourselves on identifying additional efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities within digital transformation. Data is often an untapped resource just waiting to be accessed and exploited.  

Our specialist consultants can help you unlock the potential in your data, providing vital insight for decision making and equipping you to boost performance, productivity, profit and customer satisfaction.  

When to engage us

  • You require expert, objective insight into the risks and opportunities in digital transformation and a strategic plan for execution and delivery 
  • Board strategy requires transformation to be delivered sooner than currently projected 
  • You are exploring and/or implementing a M&A deal  
  • The incumbent tech leadership has capability gaps or insufficient transformation  
  • Board executives lack the time/bandwidth to drive digital transformation themselves 
  • There is no clear transformation roadmap aligned to business goals
  • Digital transformation is currently stalled or failing 
  • Opportunities are being missed to capitalise on data transformation

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