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Agile talent solutions

BrightPool has re-branded and is now the agile talent solutions division of New Street Consulting Group. As a provider of solutions to meet our clients’ resourcing and talent acquisition needs, BrightPool will continue to provide agile talent solutions to its clients across industry sectors.

BrightPool has a new name, we look and feel different and are part of something much bigger. New Street Consulting Group is a leadership consulting and talent solutions provider offering pioneering talent acquisition and talent consulting services with a mission to help clients and professionals navigate the future world of work.

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Shaping an agile & flexible workforce for tomorrow

Our complete agile resourcing offering gives you the opportunity to fill critical roles at speed and at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches. Perfect for new projects or unexpected spikes in hiring demand, our solutions act as an extension of your internal talent teams. Crucially, we can scale these teams up or down rapidly in response to operational demand. 

Moreover, we understand how to navigate the legislative and performance risks in engaging and deploying both permanent and contingent talent. You can have total confidence in compliance and the ability of our hires to deliver.  

Learn more about our agile talent solutions.

Re-align talent management strategy to new organisational goals

Our talent consulting offering brings together New Street Consulting Group’s core service offering to deliver stronger results through people.  

As 2020 began, the world of work was already a very different place from just a few years before. Now, the ongoing impact of the pandemic is compelling organisations of every kind to revise their business planning and organisational goals.  

We’re here to help you realign talent strategies to your new goals – and then ensure those strategies achieve real-world impact. We’ll challenge you to re-think your whole approach to talent and to explore new ways to create blended workforces from existing employees, new permanent hires and contingent workers.

Learn more about talent strategy consulting.

A full suite of leadership consulting & talent solutions

The new world of work places much higher demands and expectations on leaders, executives and professionals. Our strategic consulting solutions support professionals and organisations at key moments: change, recruitment, developing individuals, building teams, growth and succession.

New Street Consulting Group offers a full suite of services and can assist with:

Why choose us?

  • Insight - we harness data and market intelligence to help you strike the right balance in building blended workforces  
  • Speed and agility - we source and deploy teams at speed, for new projects big and small – and to respond to spikes in demand
  • Outcome-focus - we deploy talent with a focus on the results that need to be delivered, not simply the roles that have to be performed         
  • Flexibility - in an unpredictable world, we can help you build genuine flexibility into your workforce, through innovative new engagement models
  • Candidate quality - our expertise in attraction, assessment and candidate management increases quality of hire
  • Compliance - we are specialists in mitigating risk and ensuring compliance to the changing regulatory landscape


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