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Return on Interim for candidates

Monitor and measure performance. Achieve more.

Return on Interim® is our unique methodology for interim assignments. For you, as an interim manager or executive, it provides you with an effective means of monitoring, measuring your performance across the length of the assignment, providing tangible metrics that demonstrate the measurable impact on results and business outcomes. 

We know the difference between a good and a great outcome and offer our clients pricing based upon performance, this helps to ensure you receive higher rewards for great outcomes.

Accurate data clearly presented

Our ROI® dashboard gives full visibility for you and the client by creating objectives, tracking milestones and measuring return by recognising the results and outcomes you’re achieving throughout the assignment.  

Our dashboard provides real-time data in a highly visual and user-friendly way. It provides an effective way for you to self-manage, appraise progress and performance, and make necessary adjustments to assignment objectives, milestones and KPIs in consultation with the client.  

Upon assignment completion, we review the impact, performance against objectives, knowledge transfer and assignment outcomes—all to measure the return our interims provide. For you, as an interim, this provides you with recognition of achievement with a tangible case study of delivering both measurable and better outcomes. 


  • The Return on Interim® app is a simple and intuitive cloud-based tool available wherever and whenever you want, on PC/Mac, tablet or mobile
  • Performance data is presented visually, timesheets are integrated with the performance dashboard and profile and compliance information are always up-to-date
  • Once the assignment is completed, we help you to assess performance against objectives, knowledge transfer and assignment outcomes – to accurately measure the Return on Interim®

Enhancing returns for our interim community

Performance related pay exists in all executive level positions and we believe this should be no different for the interim community. Our interim managers have outstanding track records and deliver tremendous results. 

We expect them to deliver good results even in challenging circumstances. However, if you deliver exceptional work which involves saving greater amounts of time or money, you should be rewarded accordingly. 

Through ROI we work hard to understand the difference between good and great outcomes at the very beginning of an assignment and this provides the opportunity to increase returns to our interim community. 

It should be noted that our intention is not to put at risk elements of a day rate for good performance, but to create the platform that provides greater returns when client expectations are surpassed. 

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