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Leadership assessment services

Use a data-led approach to identify tomorrow’s high performers

New Street Consulting Group can help you conduct a robust leadership assessment. With expertise across all major sectors, we have been helping organisations identify and develop strong leaders for over 40 years.  

How do you take the guesswork out of leadership succession? Our unique management assessment method starts by determining the specific organisational goals your leaders need to deliver. Then we combine sophisticated market intelligence and benchmarking data to build a profile of quality candidates and create a framework for the assessment process.

As consulting partners, we will challenge you on the leadership capabilities and qualities your business needs. You can rely on our clear recommendations on the potential of your existing leaders or potential external hires. Drawing on over 40 years’ experience, our executive assessment services help organisations to identify and build the leadership capability they need to win in their markets.

Our leadership assessment team was formerly part of Wickland Westcott. Today, our consultants continue to partner with valued clients at crucial moments. From change to recruitment, developing individuals, building teams, growth and succession, our focus remains on the outcomes our clients wish to achieve. 

Predict future performance with our leadership assessment

Our management assessment methodology is where our expertise comes into its own. We use a mix of tools, including psychometrics, to produce a rich set of data. We investigate motivations and purpose to see how well aligned a candidate is to your culture – and to assess how suited they are to the challenges they would face. We then apply behavioural science to the data to give us a prediction of their future performance. 

We never claim our predictions will be 100% accurate. But they do provide an objective, robust, evidenced and comprehensive analysis to base your decisions on. Our assignment success rates prove our method’s worth to our clients – and the leaders they hire. 

  • 95% of candidates placed are still in permanent roles after one year
  • 98% of our clients say our executive assessment delivers a return on investment
  • 95% of candidates placed over the last five years are satisfied

The benefits of a rigorous leadership assessment

  • You can use our leadership assessments as a standalone service or as part of our broader integrated talent solutions
  • We can equip your business with robust data and an independent analysis of leadership capabilities that factors in market intelligence and behavioural science. The New Street Consulting Group difference is our ability to predict future performance
  • You will be able to make better informed decisions on leadership and business strategy – and increase your chances of achieving the key results you desire
  • We can help individuals understand their strength and development areas in greater detail and learn how to achieve their ambitions as a leader
  • As well as rich individual development reports, you can also choose to have collective management assessments conducted at a team, division or organisational level

Why choose us for your leadership assessment?

Our specialists have led the way in talent solutions for over four decades. We have recruited, assessed or developed over 10,000 leaders thanks to a wealth of industry experience. Our evidence-based thinking and extensive network of professionals are why 96% of our clients would recommend us.

We recently helped social housing provider Octavia identify, assess and recruit an assistant director while adapting to working remotely. Director of Homes Sarah Shaw said: “The shortlist was exceptionally strong… (it) gave us the luxury of more than one appointable candidate.”

Read more of our success stories.

Here are the key reasons why your business may want to take advantage of our executive assessment services:

  • Shape complementary teams - assess your whole team to build the right mix into your c-suite  
  • Talent pipelining – identify your leaders of tomorrow and address their individual development needs
  • Due diligence - assess the performance capabilities of incumbent leaders in mergers and acquisitions and manage risk by identifying skills, knowledge or experience gaps   
  • Digital transformation - assess whether tech leaders have the capabilities to achieve complex digital change programmes
  • Psychometric profiling - understand leaders’ behaviours, motivations, strengths and weaknesses 
  • Recruitment - find the perfect fit for permanent and interim roles by assessing against the right measures to understand future performance   
  • Benchmarking - build an understanding of current leadership capabilities, benchmarked both internally and against the external market 
  • Leadership development - analyse the strengths and weaknesses of incumbents to build effective development plans

“Wickland Westcott at New Street Consulting Group has successfully partnered with us over a number of years and have an intimate understanding of our business and leadership culture. It is highly responsive, client-centred and able to deliver additional value beyond their core assessment services, giving us independent challenge on our thinking when we need it.”

Head of Talent,
Severn Trent

Our leadership assessment approach

  • First, we build an understanding of the goals and outcomes you need your leaders to achieve in the short, medium and long term 
  • Our management assessments are then tailored to evaluate against these benchmarks. We are especially careful to remove unconscious bias from the process 
  • We build each assessment from a mix of tools: interviews, 360-degree feedback, psychometrics, questionnaires, interviews, simulations and observation
  • Our assessors also use open, non-judgemental, two-way conversations and draw on their own experience in leadership to talk on the interviewee’s level. We explore purpose and motivation, beyond behaviour and personality
  • Then, we combine market intelligence, the data we have gathered and behavioural science to run our analysis. This aims to predict future individual and team performance in a VUCA (a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world)
  • We will present our final report to you with practical recommendations, in addition to our in-depth analysis

“We have worked with Wickland Westcott at New Street Consulting Group for many years. The consultant team blends a sharp commercial perspective with a strong market insight into leadership. This enables them to give us sound, strategic advice regarding hiring and promoting people into our most senior roles.”

HR Director,

Leadership assessment for partnership

We help you to see the whole picture for developing and hiring the partners of tomorrow. Learn more about our executive assessment capabilities for partner programmes in professional services.

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