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Online psychometric tests & personality questionnaires

Online psychometric tests

TestsDirect at New Street Consulting Group offers a range of online psychometric tests and personality questionnaires to help you attract, recruit, select, develop and retain staff. 

Credo is our flagship service and is a distinctive personality measure for all stages in the employee lifecycle. It can help you pinpoint those that will thrive in your organisation, either for an individual or across volume recruitment campaigns, and provides support for ongoing development.


Credo – how it works

Credo identifies an individual's preferences, motivational drivers and likely behaviours in the workplace and outlines the implications in a business context. The questionnaire is strong on personality traits such as assertiveness, emotional intelligence and resilience to stress, and can detect signs of burnout, obsessiveness and narcissism.  Credo brings you the insights of a qualified psychologist within seconds and there is no need to attend expensive training courses to use it effectively. The test measures components of personality not covered by other tools and maps these onto critical leadership capabilities.


CSI (Customer Service Inventory) from TestsDirect, reveals underlying personality traits and provides recruiters with real insight into a candidate's approach to delivering customer service. 

The way in which organisations approach customer interactions is what differentiates them from their competitors. Good customer service is essential to reputation and brand image. Identifying those candidates who are most likely to be helpful and co-operative, remain energetic and personable, comply with company procedures and restrain hostility is therefore crucial. But discovering how a candidate will act in customer service settings can be challenging, and that is where the CSI can help. 

CSI reports are generated instantly and compare candidates with over 700 customer service employees drawn from 18 different job roles.  Learn more


The SAI (Sales Aptitude Inventory) from TestsDirect ensures you select and retain the best sellers and reduces the risks associated with hiring staff.

Effective selling either face-to-face, on the telephone, or online requires a distinct set of skills and behaviours. The best sellers seek to influence outcomes, adding value through the sales process. Top performers also identify with the profession, are focused on the customer and appreciate business guidelines.

Reliable data on a candidate's motivations and approach to selling can be difficult to obtain from interview and work history alone, and that is where the SAI can help. It provides insight into hard to gather personality traits yet requires no psychological expertise. Learn more

Leadership assessment for tomorrow’s leaders

Through in-depth interviews, simulations and progressive assessment techniques, we build a holistic understanding of each leader’s aspirations, skills, personality and values. This creates a true picture of their fit for the roles they will be expected to perform. 

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Explore our industry sector expertise

Together, our consultants, specialists, interims and candidates bring a depth of industry expertise gained through first-hand experience in every major sector of the UK economy.

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