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Talent management strategy & consulting

Re-align talent management strategy to new organisational goals

Our talent consulting offering brings together New Street Consulting Group’s core service offering to deliver stronger results through people.  

As 2020 began, the world of work was already a very different place from just a few years before. Now, the ongoing impact of the pandemic is compelling organisations of every kind to revise their business planning and organisational goals.  

We’re here to help you realign talent strategies to your new goals – and then ensure those strategies achieve real-world impact. We’ll challenge you to re-think your whole approach to talent and to explore new ways to create blended workforces from existing employees, new permanent hires and contingent workers.

Talent & market insight

It’s vital to understand your market before investing in any kind of talent intervention. Intel and insight enable you to build talent acquisition strategies based on empirical, relevant, real-time market data. You can make human capital investment decisions with confidence, and not waste precious hiring resources.

Our team dig deep into talent markets through a variety of analytical tools, data sources and publicly available information. We look at factors like skillset supply and demand, salary levels, candidate motivations, competitor employers, and what career paths they take.

Then we overlay our specialist knowledge to draw practical insights from the data – it is this analysis stage where we truly add value. 

Our practical insight forms the basis for new resourcing and retention strategies in support of changed business goals – or the launch of new locations or teams. Or, the insight can be applied to improve under-performing current strategies or to transform recruitment for hard-to-fill roles.

Talent mapping

In effect, talent mapping is the next logical step after a market intel exercise. You get detailed insight into named individuals within that marketplace – real potential candidates at a local, regional and/or national level.

By surveying the market this way, you get a sense of the available skills, experience, profile and fit, before commencing an external search. You can also use this data and insight to provide a benchmarked comparison for internal candidates for your roles – improving the chance of success for internal hires.

The data from talent mapping has valuable wider uses as well, including informing aspects of talent acquisition strategy such as total reward.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

A compelling, clearly articulated EVP provides the basis for powerful employer branding, effective recruitment marketing and an engaging candidate experience.

When deployed correctly in attraction and assessment, a strong EVP can make a huge difference to hiring metrics. The benefits go even further if the EVP is successfully embedded within internal comms, L&D and day-to-day working life. Research studies show a positive influence on retention, employee engagement, productivity and performance.

EVP development in practice

Our experts can work with your team to evaluate and enhance an existing EVP - or create a new one. We see your EVP as a promise that sets out what you offer as an employer, and what is expected from employees in return (with a focus on behaviours).

The key to an effective EVP is authentic messaging directly aligned to your vision, values, purpose and goals. It has to be positive and aspirational, while reflecting reality – if you make a promise you have to be able to keep it.

We use a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to develop a distinctive, authentic EVP and then translate it into a robust, yet flexible messaging platform for general and segmented audiences.

What we offer

Employer branding

Employer Branding brings your EVP to life in the real world. When EVP and brand align, you are better placed to hire people with a genuine affinity for your organisation’s purpose, culture and values.

At a strategic level, a well-managed brand is key to earning employer of choice status and building a reputation as a great place to work. It’s hard to compete for talent (and retain it) if your employer brand doesn’t measure up to your peers.

An engaging employer brand can also help you tackle specific recruitment challenges, such as addressing hard-to-fill roles and hiring from under-represented groups.

At a tactical level, the employer brand is central to the success of attraction strategies and recruitment marketing activity – investing in your brand can see significant returns in reducing direct hiring costs.

Employer branding in practice

The development of a strong visual identity for the brand is essential – as is the use of engaging messaging that directly reflects your EVP. We can take responsibility for creative development, or support the research, evaluation and testing process.

However, it is essential to see employer branding as far more than advertising and marketing. The candidate experience is a far greater influence on how you are perceived than an advert or web page.

We help you to embed the employer brand throughout the candidate journey into onboarding, providing a seamless experience in every candidate interaction and at every touchpoint.

Why choose us?

  • Vision - in an evolving business and regulatory landscape, we challenge you to reimagine the way work is delivered, then rethink the way you engage talent
  • Intelligence - we provide expert consulting drawing on robust talent and market intelligence and many years of  industry experience
  • Outcomes-focused - we partner you in visualising the outcomes you want from your talent strategies – to ensure plans are focused and their success is measurable 
  • Innovation - where rationalisation and efficiencies are required, we identify smarter ways to reduce costs without sacrificing performance
  • Agility - we support your team in creating more agile structures and ways of working. And, with uncertainty the new norm, we partner with your business in building genuine flexibility into its future workforce

“The talent strategy consulting division at New Street Consulting Group (NSCG) partnered with me when I was looking to understand a complex talent market that we had struggled to recruit within previously. They provided insight into the talent pool, helped to understand and navigate the barriers that we were facing, and ultimately helped to find a pool of relevant talent for our immediate needs, and for the future. I would definitely work with NSCG again and would recommend the talent strategy consulting team to anyone needing talent insight or talent pooling.”

Lisa Cole People Director
Staples UK Limited

Total talent management

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