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Wickland Westcott

Leadership consulting & talent solutions

Wickland Westcott has re-branded to become part of New Street Consulting Group. Our consultants will continue to partner with valued clients at crucial moments: change, recruitment, developing individuals, building teams, growth and succession. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationships with clients whilst supporting them with the challenges ahead.

We look and feel different and are part of something much bigger - New Street Consulting Group is a leadership consulting and talent solutions provider offering pioneering talent acquisition and talent consulting services with a mission to help clients and professionals navigate the future world of work.



A leading search business for over 40 years

Formerly part of Wickland Westcott, our executive search team was established over 40 years ago. Through the decades, we’ve placed over 2,000 senior leaders in organisations of every shape and size in the UK and overseas, from SMEs to large corporates across the public and private sectors.

Our focus is always the goals and outcomes you want to achieve as an organisation. The sophistication of our approach magnifies the likelihood of the achievement against those goals through clear and effective leadership aligned to organisational values and culture.

  • 99% client satisfaction
  • 98% candidate satisfaction over the last 5 years
  • Assignment completion rate of 96%
  • 95% of candidates placed are still in their role after a year

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A data-led approach to identifying tomorrow’s high performers

How do you take the guesswork out of leadership succession? Our unique method starts by determining the specific organisational goals your leaders needs to deliver. Then we combine sophisticated market intelligence and benchmarking data to build a profile of quality candidates and create a framework for the assessment process.

As consulting partners, we will challenge you on the leadership capabilities and qualities your business needs. We will always make clear recommendations on the potential of your existing leaders or potential external hires, drawing on over 40 years’ experience supporting organisations to identify and build the leadership capability they need to win in their markets.

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Creating leaders to drive lasting transformational change

Through in-depth interviews, simulations and progressive assessment techniques we build a holistic understanding of each leader’s aspirations, skills, personality and values. The insight gathered is crucial for any organisation looking to recruit, promote, develop and retain talent.

We understand how leaders are shaped by their experiences, their environment, and their mentors and role models. Our approach is built on sophisticated use of benchmarking and assessment data. Drawing on behavioural science, we then tailor our interventions to develop more rounded, higher-achieving top talent. Crucially, we equip leaders with the capabilities and skills to thrive in an unpredictable new world of work.  

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“Wickland Westcott at New Street Consulting Group has been instrumental in the identification and development of our leadership talent for our organisational transformation programme. It has been a key contributor to the renewal of The Co-op, providing insight and expertise to myself and my team.”


A full suite of leadership consulting & talent solutions

The new world of work places much higher demands and expectations on leaders, executives and professionals. Our strategic consulting solutions support professionals and organisations at key moments: change, recruitment, developing individuals, building teams, growth and succession.

New Street Consulting Group offers a full suite of services and can assist with:

Why choose us?

  • Insight - we harness data and market intelligence to help you strike the right balance in building blended workforces  
  • Speed and agility - we source and deploy teams at speed, for new projects big and small – and to respond to spikes in demand
  • Outcome-focus - we deploy talent with a focus on the results that need to be delivered, not simply the roles that have to be performed         
  • Flexibility - in an unpredictable world, we can help you build genuine flexibility into your workforce, through innovative new engagement models
  • Candidate quality - our expertise in attraction, assessment and candidate management increases quality of hire
  • Compliance - we are specialists in mitigating risk and ensuring compliance to the changing regulatory landscape


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